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TRFACT is a tri-helmstroll matrix created to handle the assignment of both newly-Ascended and transferring trolls to Fleet ships. The parallel connection employed allows the system to process massive amounts of information on, among other things, quadrants and clade, training, temperament, and lusus size. 

- TRFACT maintenance manual, opening chapter

The TRFACT exists because the Alternian military functions a bit differently than the human one. Trolls form crews with quadrants, quadrant-corners, and clade. Some even take their lusii to space with them. The logistics are terrifying.

Together, the TRFACT (or “Truefact”, as they absolutely do not call themselves) sorts through a metric shit-ton of personal data to try and build functioning Fleet crews. The triad is an Empire-building powerhouse spinning away in its purpose built spaceship out in the boonies. Unknown to almost everyone, they shape the lives of every Fleet-bound troll. They’ve been at it for 5 sweeps already.

And yes, they totally pick favorites.


Blood: Green, just a few shades under lime
Age: 14 sweeps
Gender: None
Personal Handle: silenceAdvancing [SA]
Professional Handle: primaryTRFACT [1T]
Strife Specibus: spikekind (disarmed)
Lusus: Three-eyed dear (deceased)
Typing Quirk: <brief></efficient.>

A thoughtful troll who was a Sufferist and a death-cultist in their youth. They are gentle by nature, but tend to be emotionally distant and apathetic when left to their own devices. Easily the most comfortable with being helmed.

The Compiler

Blood: Jade
Age: 14 sweeps
Gender: Male
Personal Handle: ramshackleConfinement [RC]
Professional Handle: secondaryTFACT [2T]
Strife Specibus: scythekind (disarmed)
Lusus: Scorpion-beast (deceased)
Typing Quirk: FRIENDLY enough, if somewhat pretentious. NOT fond of saying anything in a few words that COULD be said in several paragraphs.

An intellectual and a bit of a show-off. His naturally mercurial personality has mellowed out some during his time in TRFACT... he’s still pretty dramatic, though.
And extremely skeeved out by mind control: he’s had the hardest time with getting helmed. A previous escape attempt (read: trying to forcibly rip himself free) left him with one blind eye and several lesions on the language centre of his brain. Without his exterior hardware, he'd be spitting nothing but word salad. Sometimes that happens anyways.


Blood: Brown
Age: 14 sweeps
Gender: Female
Personal Handle: painstakingPerception [PP]
Professional Handle: tertiaryTRFACT [3T]
Strife Specibus: wrenchkind (disarmed)
Lusus: Porcu-skunk (presumed deceased)
Typing Quirk: talks. like maybe. the person they’re talking to. is a little bit stupid.

Deepmine is the weakest psionic of the triad but a passable psychic (she’s able to influence – but not control – the minds of nearby trolls). She's nozy and brash and irritable, but she’s also got a secret soft spot for underdogs. Excellent with making software do things it really shouldn’t.

These guys are disgustingly ash. You know that couple that goggles heart eyes at each other all day and makes out in the park? Like that, but with mediation.
Deepmine c3< Metadata c3< Compiler

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Personal Handle: 

Secret Handle: daringEnvoy

Blood: Brown

Age: 8 sweeps

Gender: Female

Strife Specibus: axekind (double-headed war axe, per preference)

Lusus: croco-hog 

Typing Quirk: big rOund O’s fOr suns!

Sawyir Attlas was specially bred to be helmed into a quadrant-computing machine. The genes of the current Trollish Resources and Fleet-Assignment Computational Triad were artificially combined to create the perfect genetic line.

It didn't work, though: instead of the perfect psionic signature, Attlas was hatched with a moderate psionic dampening field.

So, she does daylight FLARP instead. It's got just the right combination of skill and danger to be all adrenaline, all the time. And that's what she looks for in a hobby.

Sawyir mostly never stays in one place long enough to get online. The only people she talks to over the net are her meddlesome ancestors - which is fine if she's getting along with them, but generally she's not.

Currently, though, she's recovering from a serious leg wound, and she's stuck inside. 


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